Trail of Tears and Documentaries

Trail of Tears Poem a oem by Kevin. Danny Barbare neighborhood poem

Art Animations

Documentary is a pleasant way to present our artists and we hope you like them. Book is another form and way of presenting biographies and biography of famous artists is another tool to understanding the art. Vincent, Vincent, Theo, Gaunguin are all part of the mystique, cutting the ear off, presenting it, the psychiatrist, the sunflowers, the starry starry night. Vincent Van Gogh is our famous artist our mystery man, our story…….Van Gogh Documentaries

Nathaniel Mackey

Here are some great poems from a great poet Poems of Pablo Neruda




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Well it looks like the Bible has a place and origin.Eden and World Civilization
History is revealed.
Art Animations are different from Disney. The images used in animation movies such as Snow White dominate the idea of Art animation while we think that there is a genre which maybe needs another name, like paintings that move. Why can’t art move and be relevant as art.

What would be considered a modern art painting? Would there be a date that is modern. The term, modern, was used a hundred years ago and things considered modern then are “old fashion” now.
So Modern Art is a moving target according to The Magazine of Modern Art, but who are they. Everything is art according to Picasso.
In many ways The Garden of Earthly Delights seems very modern although it dates to the Middle Ages. Impressionism was a reaction to technology (the camera) and to cultural changes. The paintings were later considered to be the start of the modern art movement as we know it today. Artists have always, however, pushed the realm of art toward modernism. Whether it was the Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, Abstract expressionism, Pop Art, or today’s “modern” art, art itself has been pushing the realm of discovery, like science, toward the concept of progress and movement.
I once went to an old stage coach inn where they say Jaesse James stayed one night. It seems that there is a myth everywhere the man went. He is the modern Robin Hood

Klondike Kate

Studio portrait of Kathleen Rockwell
Kathleen Eloise Rockwell (1873–1957), best known as “Klondike Kate”, and later known as Kate Rockwell Warner Matson Van Duren, gained her fame as a dancer and vaudeville star during the Klondike Gold Rush, where she met Alexander Pantages who later became a very successful vaudeville/motion picture mogul. She gained notoriety for her flirtatious dancing and ability to keep hard-working miners happy if not inebriated. She died in obscurity after some minor success training Hollywood starlets in the 1940s…..Wiki 

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