David Michael Jackson
David Michael Jackson
Photo by Bill Lund

I am back back at Tunebee, The two syllables of music buzz that everyone remembers.

The best web name in music needs to provide some useful information or have a great concept. I have decided to continue the search for that concept in music.

Tunebee was created in 2012 and gained a bit of power in Google and has aged a bit in the brew. These days, there are so many sites that the older sites are more trusted. If you’ve been around longer, it’s just good business trust.

Since last posting at Tunebee, I have been very busy. Artvilla has become an internet staple of art lessons. Artvilla and Motherbird have been tended since 1998 and are two of the oldest ezines on the internet now.

I am still building new names and working old sites.